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The Biotherm instant analysis

Powered by Artifical Intelligence, our expert online scan instantly diagnoses the aging path of your skin, revealing your personalized skincare healing ritual. Take a selfie and discover your skin.


Combining the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology with Biotherm's scientific research and skin aging expertise, the Skin Age Scan algorithm draws on a photo database of 10,000 clinical images from our skin aging atlases.

This algorithm evaluates and predicts facial skin aging for women across ethnicities and ages. The result? An expert-level skin diagnosis at the tap of a button and a personalized skincare regime to heal and protect from urban accelerated aging.

Discover your healing routine in only 4 steps

At Biotherm, we harness nature to heal skin

Discover your skin's apparent age in the time it takes to take a selfie with our Skin [age] scan

Step 1

Take a selfie to analyze your skin

Step 2

Answer 2 quick questions, age and skin condition

Step 4

Discover your personalized skincare healing routine

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