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Water Lovers committed to oceans preservation since 2012

Since 2012, Biotherm’s Water Lovers program has worked to raise awareness on ocean preservation through internal initiatives and partnerships with world-class NGOs.
Today, Water Lovers encompasses all aspects of Biotherm’s value chain, aiming to improve the brand’s formulas and packaging designs, pioneer new recycling technologies, and minimize environmental footprint on water and aquatic life through cutting-edge bioscience technology.

Our commitments

Biotherm is committed to taking a new approach to formula and packaging development to improve the environmental footprint of our products on water and aquatic life. We believe that through our efforts we can trigger positive change in peoples’ behavior and to champion sustainability in the years to come.

Packaging & Manufacturing

Being Responsible ​

An integral part of Biotherm’s ongoing environmental mission is to develop a sustainable circular economy. We pledge to reduce our plastic-packaging footprint progressively over the years by prioritizing recycled plastic or glass and pledge to be a pioneer in new recycling technologies to preserve natural resources and reduce fossil plastic consumption:

  • In 2020, all PET packaging will be made from 100% recycled PET.
  • By 2023, the brand will ensure that all products are made of a minimum of 50% recycled plastic and will start to use bio-recycled plastic when available.*
  • In 2025, Biotherm will be 80% fossil-free in its overall plastic consumption and to foster a circular economy for plastics, the brand commits to ensuring that 100% of its plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or refillable by 2025.

*Bio-recycled plastic is not the same as biodegradable plastic.

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In this time of urgency, awareness of the plastic pollution crisis is key, but action is truly critical. That is why we work in partnership with world-class experts to support work that preserves at-risk aquatic areas, researches pressing oceanic topics, and educates communities about ocean preservation.
Giulio Bergamaschi - Global President of Biotherm

Eco-Labelled and Eco-Respectful

Our new Waterlover Sun Milk​

The new Waterlover Sun Milk​ is a product that truly embodies the values of Biotherm’s Water Lovers program.​ The new ECO-LABELLED WATERLOVER SUN MILK SPF30 & SPF50 meet one of the highest eco-credential standards for suncare products, all while providing best-in-class protection against UVA & UVB rays. With a 97% biodegradable base formula and bottles made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, the product is designed to minimize its impact on water and aquatic life.

*Without filters — 74% (SPF50) and 77% (SPF 30) for the formula including filters according to the OECD 301 test or ISO equivalent.

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