Life Plankton Clear Essence 75ml

Fundamental skin clarifying and regenerating treatment


The hype around the unique ingredient, that is at the heart of Biotherm products, started with the launch of the iconic Life Plankton Essence in 2014, that has been formulated with the highest concentration of Life Plankton . After building a complete Life PlanktonTM product range, in 2018 Biotherm goes a step further with the launch of Life Plankton Clear Essence – a fundamental, high efficacy pre-essence to perfect skin:

Highly concentrated: Containing 5% Life Plankton™ – the highest concentration yet possible – it regenerates skin. As a result, skin renewal is optimized and skin becomes brighter and younger.

A new clarifying system: Enriched with gentle micro-exfoliating agents, it clears away dull, life-worn cells to reveal smoother, newborn skin.

A fresh, aquatic sensation: Light and watery to the touch. Splashing skin in a light, refreshing texture, it absorbs rapidly, to streamline the skin routine in our time-short modern lifestyles.

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Lightweight clarifying texture. This pre-essence immediately penetrates quickly into the skin to infuse it with the healing power of Life Plankton™
How to Use
Turn the bottle upside down once before use to awake the power of Life Plankton™. Take a small amount (some droplets on the palm of your hand) , and warm them. Apply with dabbing movements on cheeks, forehead and chin. Don't forget the neck. Regenerate with "8" gesture: draw the figure 8 on your cheeks, cheekbones, forehead and chin to stimulate your skin's self-renewal.
Proven Results

Regenerating skin’s present & transform its future:

In 8 days, skin texture feels 75%* smoother, and in 70%* of cases skin's water oil is balanced.
In 28 days: skin feels 90% younger, 92% regenerated, 95% clearer, 93% more even. 95% of confirmed that friends around her noticed a beautiful change on her skin.



Life Plankton™, the most unique regenerating active ingredient of the cosmetic industry. 100% natural bioferment ingredients, 30 years of research and 8 patents, 100 scientific proofs.

Hidden in the French Pyrenees, lies a healing fountain where roman warriors traveled from afar to bathe after battle to cure themselves. In 1952, when in search of the perfect treatment, army doctor Dr. Jos Jullien discovered the miraculous efficacy behind the “healing fountains”: LIFE PLANKTON™, a rare & natural living ingredient with exceptional regenerative powers. Isolated and amplified through a natural bio-fermentation process, it is concentrated up to 400,000 times more versus it’s natural habitat & preciously dosed at the highest concentration in Life Plankton™ Clear Essence. Each drop reignites skin's regenerative powers to regenerate it layer after layer.

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