Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Serum

Intensive 28-day Firming Anti-Aging Serum For Visible Aging Repair. Re-defined Contours, Smooth and Radiant Skin.

All skin types, including sensitive skin.

Originated from the sea, boosted by Biotherm biologists, the uplifting power of precious Red Algae has now been captured in an ultra-liquid texture, lighter than any face serum* for perfect skin affinity.

With age, fundamental skin collagen and elastin-fibers decline significantly and result in a loss of skin firmness, less defined contours and wrinkles.

Made for the current generation of women who want to know how to look younger in a natural way - without recourse to surgery - Biotherm brings skin lifting power with Red Algae Extract, reinforcing skin's youthful and firm structure.

This intensive cure is a microemulsion, micronized like never before. Ultra-penetrating, consisting of tiny microdroplets, 10 times smaller than those of a skin serum and 1/10.000 the size of a pore, it deeply infuses Red Algae Extracts even further.

For an invigorating sensation and visible transformation: Instantly firmer and tensed, without tightening feeling. After 28 days re-defined contours, skin as lifted.

*by Biotherm.

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An ultra-light liquid, an innovative micro-emulsion for perfect skin affinity, incredibly invigorating upon application. 10x lighter than any face serum by Biotherm, it deeply infuses skin with the powerful ingredients it preserves.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How to Use

Apply 6 drops of Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Cure anti-aging serum directly on skin: forehead, cheeks, chin, neck & décolleté by softly pushing the button on the bottom of the flacon.

Blend the drops into your skin with light strokes.

Drum your fingertips over the entire face from the forehead down to the neck, just like droplets of rain would touch your skin. This movement stimulates your skin tissue and brings moisture from the deepest layers of your skin.

The cure can be repeated as often as desired.
No pause between cure phases needed.

Proven Results

Clinical results confirm that the intensive firming cure is overperforming classic skin lifting creams in every criteria (1):

Instantly, upon application:
Increase of skin tonicity by +25.5%
Increase of skin firmness by +10.8%

After 28 days of usage:
Improvement of crow’s feet wrinkles: -15%
Improvement of nasolabial folds: -10%
Improvement of Ptosis of the lower part of the face to re-define contours: -9%

(1) Clinical scoring by a dermatologist immediately after application and after 4 weeks on 50 Caucasian women.


Uplifting Red Algae
Algae of Youth™
Life Plankton™


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